Consumer Goods Trading

Bohemia Trading Professional  is B2B trader of consumer goods. Consumer goods are tangible commodities produced and purchased to satisfy the wants of a buyer. That’s why these goods are also referred to as final goods or end products. They are purchased by consumers to use at home or school, or for recreational or personal use. Consumer goods are divided into three different types: Durable goods, non-durable goods, or consumer services.

Durable goods have a significant lifespan of three or more years. The consumption of a durable good is spread out over the entire life of the good which causes demand for maintenance and upkeep. Bicycles, furniture, and cars are examples of durable goods.

Non-durable goods are goods purchased for immediate consumption or use and have a lifespan of less than three years. Food, beverages, and clothing are examples of non-durable goods.

Consumer services are intangible products or services produced and consumed at the same time. Haircuts and car washes are typical examples of consumer services.